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Ocio Stock

Ocio Stock

OcioStock is a leading provider in the sector of wholesale distribution of licensed products and trademarks. Born in 2007 in the hands of professionals with extensive experience in the gift sector and distribution. From the beginning it has had an amply innovative at the forefront of the industry in terms of sales e-commerce.

Due to the wide acceptance of the products we distribute are many different types of establishments chosen our catalog: toy stores, video stores, video game stores, shoe stores, bookstores, gift shops, newsagents, tobacconists, gas stations, pharmacies, playgrounds, day care centers , online stores…

To view the PVD must register by filling all data from our registration form. After verifying that the data belongs to a company or industry professional activate the account.

With the active account you can easily place orders by adding products to the shopping cart. The products can be found in the following states: In stock (product available with delivery in 24 hours), Out of stock (there is no stock of the product or we can not guarantee replacement) or Pre-order (temporarily sold product or novelty that has not yet come out at market)

If a product does not have a stock, you can pre-order so that, when the stock arrives, we can notify you and proceed with the shipment. Normally the products "Pre-order" are best sellers that have been sold out (and we are waiting for replacement) or are news that have not yet gone on sale. We try to have a large number of items in stock to avoid delays, lost sales and the consequent problems with the final customer. It should be noted that orders are made with real stock, so unless some incidence, you know immediately if you are going to have the product for your client.

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