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Green Goddess

Green Goddess

Our management team has turned its attention to marrying our 25+ years of eCommerce expertise with our love of sourcing and providing high quality products. We have been working hard to design and perfect the highest quality products in each sub-category, bringing you only the very best. Our mantra is to "delight our customers with quality products."

We believe in learning to crawl before we walk, then walk before we run, and so forth. Over the past 25 years we have always built our business organically, "a brick at a time" so to speak. Therefore, we started by designing and sourcing the simpler products first, and working our way up to more interesting, custom, handcrafted or otherwise unique products.

For example, we tackled the herb grinder -- we painstakingly spent months researching and designing the ultimate herb grinder! We think you will love the Green Goddess Premium Herb Grinder. Behind the scenes we are now in development on a series of new products to add to our lineup including entirely new categories of product.

We are bringing these items direct to consumer via online ecommerce sales and also selling them wholesale to retail stores - ask about our wholesale catalog and retail countertop displays!

Our commitment to you - great quality products at a reasonable price.

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